Unable to Login


Try to close rohan game and launcher. Run as Administrator MRO Launcher.exe or MRO Launcher No Auto Patch v2.exe

This will also occur when you use other computer. If this happened, your mobile number will receive a message:
" Security Alert: Someone tries to access your account from other device. Reply ALLOW to 21582679 (Globe & TM) or 29290582679 (other network) to allow this access"

Follow the instructions on the message in order to login your account.

Unable to patch


Make sure your are located in the Philippines because our server will accept connection from Philippine players only.

Avoid using VPN since our server is located in Philippines.
Run your MRO Launcher.exe as administrator

If you are using Windows 10 and the launcher auto patch won't work, pls download the patch file and manually patch your game.
Please visit this guide for more information: www.rohan.ph/install.html