Guides on the events will be shown here

December 1, 2018 to January 01, 2019


1. Magregister sa rally. Login your account at then piliin ang Rally sa top menu. Pillin ang character name na gusto mo isali sa rally. If successful ang registration process, makikita agad ang status ng rally ng selected character.

2. If today is December 1, ilogin ang registered character in game at manghuli ng sweet fish. Mag start ang counting ng login time once ma reached ang required starting sweetfish.  

3. Wait na maka maka 2 hrs (2:00:00) ang login time ng character ingame then saka pwede manghuli ng sweetfish. Pag na reached ang required ending sweetfish, automatic magiging Completed ang status ng rally.

4. Do steps 1 to 3 on the next day of rally.

5. If wala time ang player na mag rally, pwede macomplete ang rally by pressing the "Buy to complete" button. Meron itong katumbas na RPs/XRPs. For more info. about RPs pls visit


Note: Prices may be changed at any time without further notice


Q1. Nakahuli na ako ng 1 sweetfish sa day 1 pero hindi na takbo oras ng rally ko.
A1. Try to refresh the rally page and reconnect your character or move to character selection then refresh ulet ang rally page.

Q2. Ang rally time ko now is 01:35:00 at naghuli ako ng sweetfish for the required ending sweetfish pero hindi sya nag uupdate sa rally page kahit i refresh ko ang page.
A2. Make sure 2hrs na ang rally time ng character bago manghuli ng sweetfish.

Q3. Pwede ba na ibang character ang mag fishing?
A3. Hindi pwede kc ang babasahin ng system ay kung ano name ang nakareg sa rally.

Q4. Hindi ko na complete ang rally days ko. Ano ang pwede ko gawin?
A4. If Failed ang status ang rally, pwede ito ma complete by pressing the Buy to complete button. Need ng RPs/XRPs para magawa ito.

Q5. Saan ko makukuha ang prizes ng rally?
A5. Ang prizes from rally ay makikita sa reward section. Just login @ para makita ang reward section.

Q6. Dec. 01 nag login ako from 10pm hanggang 6am ng Dec. 02. bakit hindi nagiging In Progres ang status ng Dec 02 rally ko?
A6. Need mo mag reconnect or relogin on the next day of rally para maging In Progress ang rally status. Make sure to refresh also our rally page.




          Call Time:2pm
          Start Time: 2:30pm

1. There will be sets of BTA magic boxes on the event area.

2. Create a party with 6 members and setup all your skills and buffs. Giant's nakaw skill will be disabled. :)

3. The party leader will select a set of BTA magic box and move to BTA Step 1 and start selling in you kiosk with title BTA:PL . The GM will insert the STEP 1 Key  to each participating party leader.

4. Wait for the GO! signal of the GM before opening the BTA Box.

5. On the GO! signal of the GM, open the BTA Step1 box and kill the monster. Each monster will drop a key for the next BTA box.

6. The last monster will drop a Pumkin and the first team you got the Pumpkin will be the winner of the event.

7. The event will last for 1 Hr only. After the winner was declared, the GM will wait for the other participant to finish their BTA.

8. After the event, each party  should fall in a line for the Screen Shot to record the name of the participants.

Winner's Prizes:
1pc Premium Preservation Stone
1pc Perfected Option Stone
4pcs Improved Warriors Ring (All Stat +30)
1pc Stone of Life (7 Days)
20pc TD potions (10 seconds CD)
20pc Dancing Life Spell (+5k to HP)
1pc Genaral Armor and Helmet
20pcs Buffing Scrolls
30M Crones

Participants Prizes
20pc TD potions (40 seconds CD)
10pc Dancing Life Spell (+5k to HP)
1pc Genaral Armor and Helmet
10pcs Buffing Scrolls
10M Crones

Off PK po tayo sa event. Ang lalabag dito or kung sino man ang manggugulo sa event ay makukulong sa game prison for 1 day
1 Party lang ang pwedeng tumapos sa napiling set of BTA boxes at bawal ang mag patulong sa iba.
Guild buffs is allowed sa event. if my Guild kayo pwede kayo mag guild buffs.


Date and Time:
Every Saturday 3pm onwards

1. Setup your HERO characters before 3pm and wait for GM's GO signal.
2. On the GO! signal, move your HERO character to character selection and re-login. Your  character will be moved on the event area.
3. Kill the Santa Monsters as many as you can within 1 hour to get a Power Ring (1Hr).
4. When you're dead and need to go back to the event area, just move again to character selection and re-login.
5. Four R5 Boss monsters were summoned on the event area. Kill them to get good items.


Each Power will be changed into:

20pcs TD Potion (Non Transferable)
20pcs Health Crystal (+5K hp)
4pcs Power Ring V2 (2Days, +20 all stats, 1% selected option)
1pc Beachwear (3% selected stats)
20pcs Solo and Party seals

Note: All HERO characters will be in Killer mode.

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