Server System:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Only Filipino players can access the server (other players from outside PH can play. just message the GM in our facebook page)
  • Buy RPs using your GLOBE and TM prepaid load. Visit for more info.
  • No Donations


Get random stats points even you've reached max level 110. For more info. please visit


Township Battle:

  • 2 Township Battle (Ash and Brine)
  • 3 Towers per Area
  • 20 members are allowed to join  per guild 


  • Forging : 95% success rate
  • Weapon and Armor Upgrade: +1 to +5 = 100% success rate, +6 to +30 = 95% to 1% success rate
  • Exp and drop rate: 10 X the rate of the previous

No Crafting:

All good items like weapons, armors and accessories are from regular and boss monsters.
You can buy starting items on item mall while you don't have good items in-game.




  • No Glacial Weapons
  • Available Max weapons are Home's Will, Muitak's Darkness, Fenattis Rey and etc.



  • No Glacial Armor set
  • Bedron Set is the Max Armor Set


Available Farming and Grinding Site:

Note: Monsters located inside Gratt  are disabled


Monster Boss:

Note: Max Boss monsters are located in R5